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It was at the end of the spring semester when everyone was getting ready to take a long summer break when we felt the need for a service like Locker.

When people originally heard about the concept of staying at someone else’s place, use their bed, sheets, bathroom and personal space, they thought this was crazy. It turned out that Airbnb was addressing a need we never thought we would solve this way.

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Born this year out of a personal need for storage and parking experienced by the end of the spring semester. We asked for help but it turned out that many had the same problem. All of our close friends’ apartments were ‘booked’ by their friends and we were left with no choice but to keep paying for rent. Eventually everyone of us was able to find some empty storage space at a friend’s parents house. That’s when the idea of matching guests with hosts for the purpose of storage and parking was born.

Your car and items are insured under Locker’s 10K protection

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